Tuesday's 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Yateley School Pool
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Swimming Club Rules

Please Read the following Conditions carefully and take note:

  1. Parents are responsible for the welfare and behaviour of their children before and after lessons on the poolside and in the changing rooms plus an Adult with parental responsibility must be on poolside during lessons in case of emergencies.

  2. Parents and spectators are to keep to the seated area on the poolside, DO NOT cross the area between pools or enter/leave the poolside from the changing rooms.

  3. Parents and spectators should use the overshoes provided by the centre whilst on the pool side.

  4. Do not interrupt teachers or instructors when they have a course in progress, normally there is staff available on the poolside to sort out problems or answer questions.

  5. If you need to assist your child with changing do so in the changing rooms, not on the poolside.

  6. Do not obstruct the fire exit.

  7. Inform Mr Perry or Mr Bright of any changes of information given on enrolment forms.

  8. Pupils undergoing training with “Rushmoor Youth Swimming - Farnborough” shall pay a fee fixed by the committee in advance of a course; this fee shall be sufficient to cover expenses of the organisation. The organisation is non-profit making and no fees are paid to people working on behalf of the club. *

  9. Priority will be given to current youth members of an organisation/club meeting within the Farnborough area to use training facilities within the club.

  10. No pupil will have any rights to remain with the organisation, if the Officers of “Rushmoor Youth Swimming - Farnborough” decide that the pupil should cease lessons they may at their discretion offer a refund for outstanding lessons.

  11. Teachers are not instructed to remind pupils of assessment dates, tests can only be taken at the correct times and dates. The dates will only be changed if the swimming pool is closed, for any reason, on an assessment night or for more than two consecutive weeks.

  12. No lessons take part on assessment nights, Octopus 1, 2 & 3 swimmers may be asked to attend both assessment nights.

* Current fees are £30 per course, these fees covers the 14 lessons, assessments, plus any badges/certificates awarded as part of the course. From time to time a night is set aside for pupils to gain distance swim awards, we do not charge a fee for these sessions or for the certificates & badges. However if you wish, you may purchase extra distance certificates & badges up to the distance swum.