Tuesday's 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Yateley School Pool
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STA Octopus 1

1. Answer two water safety questions - Click here for questions
2. Enter the pool safely – steps, ramp, swivel
3. Move through the water confidently in different ways - walk, hop, jump, skip, gallop, march
4. Use a woggle and swim Front paddle and back paddle for 5 metres
5. Push and glide on the front and back
6. Attempt a simultaneous circle action with legs while on the back for 2 metres, using a woggle or floats
6. Travel under a woggle bridge and through a shower created by a watering can
8. Return to standing from a star float on the back
9. Perform a treading water action with legs using a woggle (sea horses), or floats
10. Exit the pool safely and unassisted