Tuesday's 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Yateley School Pool
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STA Octopus 3 

1. Answer two water safety questions - Click here for questions
2. Enter the water with a step or jump entry, turn around and swim back to poolside
3. Push and glide into either front crawl or breaststroke for 5 metres
4. Push and glide into back crawl and swim for 5 metres
5. Perform a star float on the Front or back and hold for 3 seconds
6. Perform dolphin leg kick on the front or back for 2 metres
7. Scull head first using a woggle
8. Attempt breaststroke - may use a woggle for support
9. Tread water for 10 seconds
10. Swim forward for 2 metres and then roll onto back, swim on the back for 2 metres and roll into a standing position (regaining feet)

Before progressing to Goldfish 1 in the main pool, for safety reasons we expect the pupil to be able to swim 10 metres on the front and 10 meters on the back in the main pool between end and deep water steps.