History of our Club - The story so far ...

Up to 1973 Farnborough & Cove Scouts were regulary using the Military Pool on Queens Avenue on Saturday
evenings once a month, with a new public pool being built in Farnborough discussion took place on using the
pool. 1¼ hours was offered on Thursday evenings but if the Scouts wanted the session it had to accept the
booking every week not monthly, the possibility was there but it soon became obvious that alone it was not
feasible for Farnborough & Cove Scouts to take on the commitment.

Working with Farnborough and Aldershot Youth Committee a Sub Committee was formed with members from
the Boys Brigade, Covenanters, Crusaders Youth Club, Countdown Youth Club, Farnborough Swimming Club,
Guide Association, Krakatoa Youth Club, Scout Association and St John Ambulance.

The original idea was that organisations wishing to use the swimming facilities would use an allotted session or part
of the pool to conduct their own training, a timetable and funding for this could not be agreed. In the end it was
decided that organisations using the pool should be represented on the committee and at the poolside. A ‘school’
would be run independent of these organisations, non-profit making, with its own insurance and funding.

Under the guidance of Mr S Butler an ASA Advanced Teacher plus Mr M Ferris, and Mr R Dobson of
Farnborough Swimming Club a team was put together, training was given at a school pool in Yateley and the
Rushmoor Youth Swimming School (Farnborough) was formed.

Initially places were offered to the various organisations, 60 places to the Guides, 60 Scouts and 60 to all other
groups. These were then offered on a first come basis, this meant that pupils often missed a course.

In 1987 this was changed and places were offered as they are today together with more accurate records of pupils.
Since 1987 over 2100 pupils have attended lessons with us at Farnborough, working from this figure we estimate
approximately 4500 pupils have had lessons with us from the beginning.

When the indoor pool was built in Aldershot the Farnborough School assisted with the set-up of Rushmoor
Youth Swimming – Aldershot, once up and running they continued operation on their own. Today Rushmoor
Youth Swimming - Aldershot has been renamed as Aldershot Youth Swimming Club.

Currently there is only one of the original team still with us, Richard Bright

Rushmoor Youth Swimming - Established in 1973
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